Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love To Meet


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Happy Tuesday Bookworms! Another day closer to Halloween and I just couldn’t be more excited for this month. So much to do in so little time. For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Author’s I would like to meet. I’m very excited to discuss this topic and recently put a list together. If only authors came to Vegas more often, You would think they would but it’s either I’m missing out or they are going to some secret spot that I don’t know about. Who knows, but one thing is for sure is that they do seem to attend a lot of book signings in California so lucky me that state is my neighbor. Here are the authors I would love to meet and discuss stories they created and have some tea with that discussion (FACT: I get Starstruck)


I’m sure you all know Marissa Meyer, you know the one who wrote the Lunar Chronicles, Heartless, and her newest addition Renegades! She is on top of my list and luckily for me, she will be in Los Angles next month doing a book signing just two days before my birthday and I told my boyfriend it’s a must that I attend next month! I really can not miss out on this opportunity. Marissa Meyer here I come!


Oh yes, you made it on the list just because I read one book, The Cruel Prince and I fell in love right away, therefore Holly is on the list, do I really need to say more!? I’m sure you all would agree with me.


Her writing is unique to me and I love every second reading her books. I would love to have Mrs.Foody here sign my books and take a Polaroid Picture with me! Sounds creepy? No worries I’m obsessed with my polaroid camera.


I need to meet Leigh Bardugo! I have questions that need answers. Wonderful author, I adore her writing. I feel like we would have a good conversation discussing Six Of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.


Oh yes! I need my Children Of Blood And bone sign and please let’s discuss how wonderful she truly is with her stories. Everything about this author would be a blessing to meet her and get my books sign.


The one that started the Wicked series. I would need a big fat cup of tea with this meeting. I feel Gregory as a creative imagination with his stories, I love each book he has written therefore I have tons of questions and tons of books that need to be signed from him.


Yes I know she is an actress, Yes I know she is awesome, and yes I totally froze when I met her. Who am I talking about! I’m talking about Vivica A. Fox. Mrs.Fox was at our local Barnes And Noble this year doing her book signing for her book called Every Day I’m Husting.

I was second in line to have my book signed. My mind was racing on what to say. I didn’t really have much to say, the only thing that was going thru my damn mind was KILL BILL IS AWESOME! That’s the last thing I wanted to say. I mean I knew that I wanted to really say but it was corny as hell, you know “Oh your book is so inspirational, your book made me smile and laugh..blah blah” Nope! I knew she heard it all by others and I didn’t want to add to it. I was stuck and I was out of time. Luckily for me, Mrs. Fox is truly amazing women who take her fans very seriously.

She started the convo and what did she ask me first? Well, basically what everyone talks to me about when they first meet me…I have a huge Rose and Spider tattoo on my neck and yes that caught her attention. Meeting her was truly amazing. Her book was very inspirational and reminds you that it’s okay to work on yourself to get where you want to be and be happy with yourself first before anything else. Highly recommend her book for women who are struggling maybe on finding yourself.


My Aunt Nicky on the left, Vivica A. Fox, and me! Yes, of course, I had to take the picture with my Polaroid camera! Old Skool style.

Hope you all in enjoyed this list. Love to hear what everyone thoughts are. Did you meet any of these authors yet? Who do you want to meet?


Top Ten Tuesday Books By My Favorite Authors That I Still Haven’t Read


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Happy Tuesday from me to you. For this week we are going to discuss books that I have not read yet from my favorite authors. This is going to be a fun topic!

I do like to keep up with the authors that I love when they come out with new books, however, I always end up with other books that have been on my list for a while. So this list might be small. But here we go!

First on the list is Marissa Meyer. I truly love her work. Her stories are so amazing and love each and every one of them so far. Heartless would be my favorite yet. Marissa has a lot of wonderful books out that I have not got around to yet. So this list actually might just be her books that I want to read and no other author since I’m caught up with all my other favorites. So here are Marissa’s books that I have yet to read.


Renegades By Marissa Meyer

I am so sad that this book sold out at my Barnes And Noble. This was on top of my list to purchase today and that didn’t happen. This is the number one book I want to purchase and just will have to wait or find it at another store or even order it online. But for real I really want my hands on this book and read asap once I do.


Glitches By Marissa Meyer

This cover is gorgeous.


Scarlet By Marissa Meyer



Wires And Nerve By Marissa Meyer

Gosh! I need to read these as soon as possible. I mean it too! So many good books coming out from left and right and my TBR list are just getting bigger and bigger rather than small. I need to dedicate one whole month of just catching up with Marissa’s books.

Have you read any of these lovely books I would like to hear your thoughts! TTFN.


Top Ten Tuesday: Fall 2018 TBR

TTT-NEW   Hosted By That Artsy Reader Girl

I heard a lot about TTT (Top Ten Tuesday) in the book community and defiantly wanted to give it a go. I’m new to book blogging and would love to meet people who share the same interest as me which is books. So allow me to introduce my very first Top Ten Tuesday post.

This weeks TTT topic is my fall 2018 TBR list. I don’t know about you guys but I always look forward to fall. It’s just perfect reading weather for me here in the desert. It’s not to hot or cold to read outside at the park or on my porch. Pumpkin spice flavored everything! Tea, candles, and my favorite pumpkin spice donuts to enjoy while I read my book. So of course my fall 2018 TBR list is going to be epic this year. So here it is…

hocus-pocus-sequel-book-cover-1079832         Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel By A. W. Jantha

*Sips on some hot pumpkin Spice tea* I can not pass this lovely gem up this fall. This is absolutely the best fall book to read for me. I always looked forward to this movie on Halloween every year as a child now as a adult I’m not only looking forward to the movie once again but this book is just screaming at me to read this.

y648     Sea Witch By Sarah Henning

Holy cow! This is a stunning cover. I am so looking forward to this read. I bought this book the moment it hit stores. I always look forward to stories about villain’s and who they once were before they became the villain. I can not express how thrilled I am to start this lovely gem!


Caraval By Stephanie Garber

I really need to get this started. I mean its been on my TBR list for some time now and has been recommended to me by so many. Looks good sounds good and I heard nothing but good things about it. Which leads me to my last and final Fall 2018 TBR…


Legendary By Stephanie Garber

If I’m going to start the first book I’m gonna jump to the second one right away. Once I start something I need to finish it or at least give it my all.


My TBR list is small but it’s a good start for me. I look forward to these reads and sipping on some Pumpkin Spice hot tea in the process. What’s your Fall TBR list?