Here are my ratings and how I feel for each heart.

th6UTD2VT7 No Way! Defeatedly do not recommend this book. If I were you stay away, but of course find out for self if you dare.

th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7 Needs more TLC. Enough said.

th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7 It was okay. Could be better needs some work done but it was just okay for me.

th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7 I would defeatedly recommend this book. Was a great read for me and enjoyed the story.

th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7th6UTD2VT7 Now we are talking! Highly recommend this book. Better get on it cause its worth your time!