Heartless Book Review


Title: Heartless

Series: Stand Alone

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publisher: Feiwel And Friends

  Pages: 449

Rating: simple-black-heart-silhouette_318-10296simple-black-heart-silhouette_318-10296simple-black-heart-silhouette_318-10296simple-black-heart-silhouette_318-10296simple-black-heart-silhouette_318-10296


THIS IS THE BOOK I BEEN WAITING FOR! Okay, so I need a cup of hot tea for this one. I mean this book is everything. A moment of appreciation!

Marissa Meyer sure did deliver this one. I can not get enough of this book. It was that damn good guys! I mean come on tea parties, the notorious white rabbit making big announcements at the balls, and let’s not forget the Jabberwocky.

This story was it for me. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite type of story is the villain’s story and why they become who they are. Let’s take it from the beginning…

What was the Queen Of Hearts like before she became the Queen? Well, of course, she was innocent, they always are ( usually ) so what happens? In this story are beloved Queen Of Hearts well before she was the Queen she had a name and her name was Catherine. Cath for short. Cath has a dream to own her very own bakery in the kingdom of Hearts. What could possibly go wrong to owning your own bakery and following your own dreams?

Before I continue with this review I would like to give a friendly note here while reading this book you might want to have some goodies on the side and some tea because reading this whole story made me crave pastries and tea the whole time.

Anywho back to the review…

Cath and her best friend Mary Ann have plans to open up a bakery shop. While Cath is trying to accomplish her only big dream the King Of Hearts is seeking her heart for marriage and Cath’s heart belongs to the king’s joker Jest which her family would never allow her to be with.

When Marissa Meyer is writing about the tea party I felt like I was there along with everyone enjoying the tea party. Extremely detailed and well written. Nothing better than a mad tea party!?

The journey between Cath and where her heart truly goes on this journey to her happiness will just make you Curiouser and Curiouser on where the story will go and how she became what we all know her today Queen Of The Hearts.

This book was just marvelous! Super excited to have this lovely gem to my book collection. You will not be disappointed in this story.


If you have not read this gem yet, you need to get on this!