About Me


Howdy bookworms! My name is Maris Marie, but you can call me Marie. I am a book nerd living in Viva Las Vegas. I was originally born in Detroit, Michigan but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am 25 years old and totally obsessed with YA books, hot tea, and donuts!

If I’m not reading a book you can also catch me walking my crazy pooch Pops in this Wild Wild West heat or sewing up some stylish book sleeves in my awesome room. I like to be creative and try new things out that has a bit of a challenge to it. Learning something new is what I search for in my daily life.

Reading books is a great way for me to escape reality. I love joining in on the stories and feeling a part of the journey. I am open minded to new books and if interested for me to review your book please take a look on my contact page for further information.


Happy Reading!