About Me


Hello Everyone! My name is Maris Marie and I’m book obsessed. I’m 26 years old living in Viva Las Vegas with my boyfriend of 10 years and our daughter. I love reading YA and Autobiography books, my two favorite genres, however, I’m always looking for a good story.

What you can expect from me on here on this blog are a lot of book reviews and book-related post and occasionally some other post about my personal life and what I been up to other than reading all the time.

On my free time, I like to read obviously and write in my diary and or write in my journal of stories I created. I also like to paint…painting rocks, vintage furniture, or just in my diary. Daily walks to the pond behind my house with my dog is always a must unless its 100 degrees outside.

My life is pretty smooth and easy-going for the most part, or at least I try. I escape reality by reading and writing, nothing to it.

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