About Me


My name is Maris Marie and I’m obsessed with books. Hey everyone! I’m 26 years old and I been reading ever since I was a little child. My mother used to read to me all the time, I guess that’s where I learned my love for books, Thanks, mom! I currently live in Las Vegas with my boyfriend of ten years with our daughter who will be one years old on June 25th, 2020.

My book collection is still getting bigger by the day. I love to read all books but my absolute favorite genre is YA and autobiographies/biographies. My top three favorite authors are Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, and Amanda Foody. Besides reading all the time I also like to spend some time with my daughter and well…read to her also! Well after reading I also like to go hiking and explore as much as possible.

I hope one day to have a massive library room in my house and I’m talking M A S S I V E book collection with books to the ceiling! One day! With that being said, I’m going to keep this short and see ya around!