Re-Reading My Favorite Book Series


Sixteen years ago I picked up a book that had an orange cat on the front cover with the title Warriors. I was obsessed with going to Barnes & Noble getting books and when I saw this book cover I had to get this book. I didn’t read what the book was about, I just knew I would love it just because there was a cat on the front cover and I grew up with having cats. I was eleven years old when I took home the very first Warrior book “Into The Wild”

With the seventh series “The Broken Code” coming out right now I had made the decision to stop reading YA novels for the moment and to re-read my favorite story of all time. Unfortunately, when I got older I had other books that I would pick up to read and never continue to finish the series. I only got as far as to series three “Power Of Three” So I know I have a lot to catch up on and finally get some closure as to what happens to my favorite characters in the story.

What this means by re-reading the series is I won’t be posting YA book reviews for some time until I catch up on the Warrior series, which won’t take long at all. Happy Reading!

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Author: Viva Marie

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