Blogoween 2018

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Hey bookworms! Another day another day closer to Halloween. Speaking of Halloween I will be participating in the Blogoween this year. Have not heard of this excitement yet? Let me break it down for you real quick. It’s a Book Blogging Event taking place in the month of October hosted by Clo @ Book Dragons

There will be other host participating and help guiding you with your prompts to make things more festive and smoothly as possible for your post. There will be three different levels to choose from which you can only pick one…


  • Pick any 13 days to post
  • Don’t have to be consecutive
  • Don’t have to post on Halloween (You can if you want to!)


  • Must post on the 24th of October through to the 31st of October (7 post total)
  • Must be consecutive posts
  • Must post on Halloween
  • Can’t change level


  • Posting everyday ( 31 post total)
  • Can mix Autumn themes into your post
  • If you find within the first few days it’s to much, can switch to level 1

I think I’m gonna go for level three 🙂 Considering that Fall is a creative, festive, relaxing month for me and posting everyday (Which I been so far) wont be a problem, but lets not jinx this!

You are invited to enter and join in our fun!

  • Publish your blog post announcement
  • Sign up here
  • Once you published the announcement go to the sign up page next to enter your information and the level you would like to do and copy the link of your blog post announcement.

More Information On This Event!










Author: Viva Marie

Book obsessed + Tea addict + Flower sniffer Hi, my name is Maris Marie!

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