Hardcovers, Paperbacks, or Nooks?



Hey bookworms. As of right now I am enjoying myself on my porch while the sun sets and its a bit cooler here at the desert. Usually I am sipping on some hot tea right now but todays drink of choice is Cactus Cooler. Due to this lovely evening I would like to discuss about the choices of how you bookworms like to read and how I like to read.

My daily routine is usually the same I  wake up, take the dog for a walk, clean myself up and sew then once it gets late I start to make some hot tea and relax and get ready to read, but what is in my hands when I’m reading? Good question!

When I go to my local Barnes And Noble store or even when I am ordering a book online I am always looking for the hardcovers. Why? I don’t really like holding the hardcovers when I read considering I try to read two to three hours a night and my wrist tend to get tired from holding the book. But what I do like is how it looks on my book shelfs and just holding a hardcover book in my hands gives me some sort of comfort especially when I finish the book.

For the paperbacks it’s my last resort. The only time I get a paperback book is when I cant get my hands on the hardcover and I really want the book. I am a compulsive buyer and when it comes to books I must have. I’m sure most of you can relate. It is easier to read a paperback book without your hands getting tired.

Last but not least are the Nooks. I recently just got a Nook. I wanted to give it a try and see if it would actually work for me. Well it doesn’t work for me. I’m so caught up getting hardcover books that I’m not worried about getting the book onto the Nook. Don’t get me wrong the Nook is pretty cool to have but I have no use for it. I did download Sleepy Hollow audio (My very first audio) and I didn’t enjoy it so much. I like the feeling of having the book in my hands more then a tablet. We use so much technology everyday. I have my cell phone I’m using and my laptop, and a ps4 that its nice to lay down and get away from looking at a screen to actually looking at pages to read.

So I’m curious bookworms, how do you like to read your books?


Author: Viva Marie

Book obsessed + Tea addict + Flower sniffer Hi, my name is Maris Marie!

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